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 A portion of BodhiH2O/ WaterForWellbeing products, sales & profits goes to support

the Ministry of Water 501c(3) 


*What is Water For Wellbeing? 

It is pure high vibrational, clean water unlike any other you've had!


*How do we prepare it? All of the Water For Wellbeing is beautifully distilled, following nature's way of purification. Then we solar charge it in beautiful glass to revitalize, energize it, recharge it & program it.


All the while it's nurtured  with the amazing and healing Solfeggio frequencies of 528 Hz (the optimal frequency of love and DNA transformation) & HADO ( Japanese concept coined by Dr. Massaru Emoto, it is the viberation nd energy of words)


*The water's molecular bonds rearrange themselves during this time and align with benevolence.  

We acknowledge  & nurture the consciousness and memory that water has and its powerful capacity to amplify, connect and communicate with its environment.  Each drop is regarded with this understanding.

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* Please NOTE- we have  expanded our product lines


                                  "Bodhi H2O "  is now "Water For WellBeing"