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Frequently asked questions

What is distilled water?

Distilled water IS THE DEFINITION of pure water. It is the Universal Solvant in science and study. Distilling water is nature’s way of purification, following the water cycle of the planet. Distilled water is void of any toxins, bacteria, impurities and heavy metals etc. When distilling, the Water is boiled, the impurtities/heavy metals stay on the bottlom and pure steam (H2O) rises to the top, collected and cooled to return to liquid. = Pure Water.

Who is the number one consumer of distilled water?

Dentist offices and hospitals! Distilled water is often recommended for those with compromised immune systems. For example, those going through chemotherapy and other invasive treatments. Distilled water is PURE H2O and extremely hydrating & healthy.

What is 528HZ?

Each vessel is treated with reverence. Water For WellBeing products receive a blessing of gratitude and love, while exposed to the solfeggio frequency of 528 hz. According to researcher and guru of the consciousness of water, Dr. Masaru Emoto, water molecules change in response to the intentions we put upon them. Water has been proven to respond to frequencies and intention. 528 Hz on the Solfeggio scale, is best known as the healing frequency of love, and DNA transformation.

What is water alchemy?

It is widely recognized and proven throughout the scientific community that water has consciousness & memory. Water is the measurement of life. We live in an enclosed environment. All of the water that is here on earth, has always been here. By honoring the water, you’re honoring your oldest ancestor. Water goes through many cycles of change. During this metamorphosis the water cycles through the Cosmic Sea, Saltwater Oceans and Fresh Waters, the blood of the Earth. We ARE able to tap into the powerful abilities that water provides. Water Alchemy is creating beautiful energy & infusing it into the Waters.

How are YOU a body of water?

More than 70% of your body is made up of water. You are a walking vessel of water. You take in water and expel water through your breath, your pores, your secretions and blood. The fact that you have and ARE such an amazing abundance of Water can empower you to transform and connect your physical health and spiritual wellbeing. Just connect to the Waters Within.

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