Programs & Services

The Ministry of Water is a non-profit organization that celebrates the sacred gift of Water. We celebrate Water in art, sound, science and spirit. Our mission, simply put is to teach & empower people to thank the Waters. Its is our primary focus to promote reverence for the Waters of the Earth and of our Being. We offer a variety of amazing services, programs,  including our sponsor programs of

Water for Wellbeing~

Healing the Waters Within, & DIY: Water Alchemy~ utilizing the Water you have readily available to optimize your health and wellbeing & that of the planet.

The Water cycle~ Understanding the Water of our planet and how its metamorphosis impacts and transforms the world around us and within us.

We offer a variety of ways to showcase our love and reverence for Water including guest speaking, workshops, classes, Water sound baths, meditations & prayers, Water in rituals & ceremonies, cleansing and detox with Water programs. Our dedication to connect and celebrate Water is unsurpassed.


Check back to see beautiful submissions from local Artists in various mediums express and showcase our most precious gift.

Our Water in Art exhibit begins 1/18/2020 at The Retreat House.

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The Ministry of Water is a non-profit organization that promotes water for wellbeing through culture, art, music, science and spirit.

Programs, Workshops & Meditations

The Ministry of Water offers a variety of programs and workshops that use water as the modality for wellbeing. Our guided meditations are designed to realign your energy and to use water for healing, as it is the original medicine. In addition, our sound baths take you on a journey to find alignment with your inner being using 528HZ frequency and energies of the water. Raise your vibrations with one of our wellness workshops that cover a variety of topics, including manifestation and intention, cleansing and the benefits of high-vibrational water.


Consultations & Support Services

Our Ministry offers services that will help guide you towards utilizing, optimizing and implementing reverence for water in your daily practice. Whether you are trying to incorporate water into your yoga classes, meditation or simply trying to improve the health and wellbeing of your family and the planet, our services are tailored to your needs. For Your life, for the planet, we can provide information & tools about rituals, ceremony, in home water systems, distillers, filters, & products that we recommend to optimize your water for Your wellbeing and the ripple effect to that of the of the planet.

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Ceremonies & Rituals

Want to welcome water as a participant into your ceremony or ritual? The Ministry of Water can help and provide guidance. Regardless of your auspicious occasion, water is our oldest ancestor, and our goal is to help you honor it as you honor yourself and the planet. Book an appointment or contact us for more information here.

Charity Work

In addition to our non-profit efforts, Ministry of Water also partners with local and national organizations.
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