Meet the Founder

Andrea Alchemy

Following her near death and spiritual experience with Water, Andrea has become known as "The Water Intuitive" & "Water Alchemist". She became an active member of the association for research of Enlightenment and dedicated herself full-time to Dharma & a spiritual practice that honors the sacredness of Water as its own divine participant. Andrea dove in and saturated herself in the study of Water in all aspects.  The consciousness of Water and the teachings of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Louise Hay, & Ester "Abraham" Hicks, all seemed to marry & become a confluence of the Science and Spirit of Water that she intuitively connects with. Her love, gratitude and commitment to the language & energy of Water shines in her practice & leadership. As a HHP (holistic health practitioner), trilingual interpreter, NLP practitioner, Sound/Frequency/Energy Healing, Master Usui Reiki Master Practitioner,  student of Universal Laws like the Law of Vibration and Laws of Attraction, as well as a  Ho’oponopono practitioner. Her unique energy, manifestation, and wellness work is highly sought after. Andrea offers her clients a safe & nurturing environment to embody her signature Water for Wellbeing and DIY Water Alchemy programs, products/tools and services.

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"If you say grace before you eat, why not before you drink"

- Andrea Alchemy

Our Mission

We want to educate others that water is both a tangible and spiritual modality for healing. Our mission is to empower others to thank and honor Water as the divine gift that it is. We celebrate water in culture, art, sound, science and spirit through workshops, consultations and within a sacred space. We encourage people to make a space in their life & rituals so they can express reverence for water. We know that they will feel a powerful shift when they make the connection to their oldest ancestor with their own inner being.


Our Vision

Our vision is to make this sacred space for gratitude and appreciation of ALL that Water is. A catalyst for positive change that ripples out into the ethers of humanity. We want to inspire others to create a space within their life that honors Water of the world and the Waters within.  We want to educate others that water, like our bodies and spirits, requires reverence. We want to humanity to acknowledge the importance of honoring water.

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